Writing, it is tricky at first. But as I write throughout the year in class I realize that my writing has gotten a million and ten times better than what it was. In the beginning I was writing carelessly, now I write like a professional. Techniques are hard  to understand when you are first learning, but now that I have been writing for three plus years techniques usually just come to me. My favorite writing would have to be my narrative writing. This is most important to me because it shows how vulnerable someone can be at any given moment. It also shows that our justice system is messed up. I enjoy writing and my writings this year have come such a long way. I am proud to say that I look forward to writing my essays to colleges next year because of the help I get in my Reading, Writing and Reflecting class. This class has helped me so much and I love how my teacher pushes me to do my very best and helps me when I am confused or when I have run-ons or fragments. I cannot wait to see how well I will be writing next year when I take a creative writing class.

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