I miss you, but you don’t miss me

I love you. & I love Tina too. But it isn’t fair that Clohe & I can’t see you alone without her. I want to spend time with JUST you. & I wanna go out & do something fun, like the loves or something. But you never want to. You always make an excuse as to why you can’t go out. I know you like it up north, but I want you down here with me. I hate having you so far away. You tell me you’ll call me every night but I hear from you maybe twice a week. It isn’t fair that I have to share you with another woman, let alone my sister. I miss you like crazy, & I didn’t have the heart to tell you that I didn’t want you to go up north. & I still don’t. So I’m probably not going to send this. But I can’t sleep knowing that as soon as you care again. You don’t at the same time. It’s like I mean nothing to you even though you’re my world.
Is it that hard for you to stay single & not date someone? I like when you’re single. Cus we can do stuff together. This summer if I’m not working I’ll come up & visit. But I’m not going to sit around the house and stare at walls. I can do that at my house.
When you come down each month you’re always stressed out about one thing or another. If you guys can’t leave Bev alone for the weekend maybe Tina should stay up there with her.
I’m not sure what I’m even trying to say. Other than I miss you & I want you home. I’ll see you soon daddy.
Image credit: Max Pixel

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