I needed you,
but you left me suffocating
I couldn’t breathe
you left me in the dirt
and I couldn’t get back up
you never looked back
it’s sad to know that I didn’t mean anything to you
it’s sad to know that all of the  “I love you’s” and the “I’m not like the others” were lies
it’s getting harder to breathe now
the room has begun to spin
maybe I shouldn’t have overdosed*
maybe I shouldn’t have listened to the voices
but they told me to do it
so here I am,
the room is getting darker
the lights are fading away
my heart beat is slowly starting to fade away with them
I hope the lies were all worth it
I hope everyone is finally happy
Because they caused this
It could have been prevented if someone had just listened to me
but no one ever didIma
the room is gone now
the voices have finally ceased
and I am finally happy
Image Credit: Max Pixel

*This did NOT actually happen too me. This is a fictional account.

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