In the Blink of an Eye

Maybe her best wasn’t enough
Maybe her all wasn’t even close
But even though she feels weak 
She must remain strong
Because she knows what it’s like to feel unwanted
And to be abandoned from everyone around you
So maybe her all wasn’t enough
And maybe it never will be
But his smile always made her eyes light up
And his jokes always made her laugh
But now?
Now.. It’s totally different
His smile doesn’t make her smile like it used to
it makes her realize that she’s not the only one who made him happy 
His jokes don’t make her laugh the way they always did
All of the times they had together are gone
And within the blink of an eye 
they all went flying by
The memories are so fragile 
Just like a feather
Fragile and thin, so thin you can see through them
Most people say he was her rock, her anchor
But to him .. She was nothing
And she always will be nothing 
And maybe her best will finally be enough 
When she’s 6 feet under
And he’s grasping for air 
Because that was his baby girl, his world 
Now that she’s gone 
he misses her, but it’s to late
And all of this happened
In the blink of an eye.

4 thoughts on “In the Blink of an Eye

  1. Hi Adree!
    I love your topic and how you decided to write a poem instead of a floating text.
    This blog post is really well written and it has a lot of feelings and heart behind the words.
    I recognize the feelings you write about and I am being touched.
    Are you writing a lot of texts like this? And how do you come up with how you are going to write? I think it is really hard to write poems because I am really bad at that rhyme… Maybe you can show me how to do it!
    /Moa Z


  2. Moa,
    Thank you for the feedback! I write like this all the time, actually. I write and read a ton. I enjoy writing and expressing my feelings. I write because it’s an escape from the world for a little bit. I also write things based on what happened in my life. I will definitely help you with rhyming!!



  3. Hey adree, i enjoyed reading your blog. I liked how you decided to write a poem, it was very deep.I did not know you were so good at writing poems. This poem was really good.I also liked how your blog looked nice. It looks nice and organized. You should post more of your poems, I would love to read them!


    1. Thank you Praneeth!
      I write like this all the time and plan on continuing my blog even after Mrs. Dockus’s class. I am so glad you enjoyed it! You should come back in a few months and look at my other poems/writings(:



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